Curated Content

We have our curated media channels where we produce and post content to stay connected to the right audiences. So when you make your film about the rogue rickshaw driver who goes around slashing people, we’ll know where your audience hangs out, and we can put your film right in front of them. Brilliant!


Bloggers are our friends, especially the ones with a gazillion followers who’d go watch paint dry if the writer told them to. We will distribute your film through relevant blog features and common interest channels. This is the same as getting a newspaper to write about your film, only more personal because we’ll link it back to your film so all it takes is a single mouse-click to watch your film.

Film Advertising

We were born in the hell-fires of advertising; honing our skills on selling shampoo and phone connections to people who clearly didn't need either. We can make a digital creative campaign to sell your film online; creative concepts are second nature.

Direct Distibution

There will be nothing between you and your audience; we’ll tell you where your audience lives, what they’re searching for, and how they found you. It’s a more personalized, organic way to communicate with your audience. Yes, this will help you push your film’s sequel too.


We know the audience, and we know what they want. Let us cut your film’s trailers suited to different territories, and for different stages of your release cycle.

Film Festivals

There are a gazillion film festivals out there. Not all of them want you, and you shouldn’t want all of them either. We’ll advice you on what to aim for and which film festivals to submit your film to.


We think you should concentrate on making films and let us worry about your posters, dossiers, PR and publicity material. We’ll use your on-location stills and supporting material to push your film like a full-service advertising agency selling shampoo that smells of freshly cut grass on the first day of spring to a bald man.


We shoot BTL campaigns, crowd-funding campaigns, and content shooting (making of, B-roll content, bloopers, viral videos) to keep you plugged in to your audience and keep them on the edge of their seats for your grand release.

Social Media

Now that everybody, including your grandma, grandson, and the milkman, are all on Facebook, Twitter, and every other social media platform out there, it makes it easier than ever to share stuff with like-minded people. We launch an extensive social media campaign that makes it easier for people to recommend and share content with each other. Birds of a feather, flock together; if your friend likes a film, chances are you will too.